Research at HIAS GLECS

Kyoji Fukao
Director of the GLECS: Kyoji Fukao
Professor at Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

Rapid globalization had made necessary a restructuring of the world economic systems. To contribute to a new design, researchers in fields where Hitotsubashi University excels, including international economics, finance, innovation, development economics, international politics, economic norms, etc., come together at the Research Center for Global Economic Systems (GLECS) to engage in theoretical and empirical analysis of economic systems, leading to policy proposals for realizing sustainable growth of Japan and the world.

Currently, we have following four research projects.

Research Projects Currently Running at HIAS GLECS

  • Globalization and Economic Policies –> read more
  • Development of Macroeconometric Models with Applications to Macroeconomic Problems –> read more
  • Institutions and Policies for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries –> read more
  • Norms, Institutions, and Mechanism Design: Theoretical and Empirical Studies for Comprehensive Social Sciences –> read more