Research Projects Currently Running at HIAS GLECS

Globalization and Economic Policies


Project Leader: Prof. Jota Ishikawa

Cross-border movements of people, money, goods, and services have been gaining momentum. When investigating economic policies including not only trade policies and foreign exchange policies but also competition
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Development of Macroeconometric Models with Applications to Macroeconomic Problems


Project Leader: Prof. Toshiaki Watanabe

The project will seek to design more realistic macroeconomic theory and Macroeconometrics models that take into account globalization of the economy, structural changes, large-scale shocks such as from financial crises
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Institutions and Policies for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries


Project Leader: Prof. Takashi Kurosaki

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2000, having fallen short of achieving sufficient poverty reduction in developing nations, were replaced in 2015 by Sustainable Development
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Norms, Institutions, and Mechanism Design: Theoretical and Empirical Studies for Comprehensive Social Sciences


Project Leader: Prof. Reiko Gotoh

This project will address the following three issues, based on a comprehensive view of social sciences and while borrowing the two analytical viewpoints of economics, namely empirical science and normative philosophy
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