Event Category at HIAS GLECS

Comprehensive event list is here.

Hitotsubashi Summer Institute

HSI (Hitotsubasshi Summer Institute) is the flagship conference of the HIAS. It goes back to the summer of 2015 and we have been hosting the conference annually since then. If you are interested in the HSIs in the past, please click here.


HIAS Seminars are given by HIAS Fellows, HIAS Postdoctoral Fellows and invited researchers who are studying something relevant to the four research projects which the GLECS are now engaging in. You can check the schedule from here.

HIAS Lunch Seminar

This informal seminar is basically held on every Wednesday from 13:00 at HIAS Seminar Room (Faculty Bld. R517). If you would like to discuss about your working-in-progress projects with the faculty not only from the HIAS but also from Graduate School of Economics, Institute of Economics Research and so on, please click here.

Policy Forum

Policy Forum is held as the milestone of our research achievements. In 2018, we had the 4th and the 5th Policy Forums of Hitotsubashi University in 30th Fiscal Year of Heisei on Sunday 11 Nov. and Monday 3 Dec., respectively. These forums were open to everyone and presentation was given by accessible words.


It’s difficult to give clear definition of which is a conference and which is a workshop. Here, we categorize the research event lasting more than two days as a conference and others are called workshop except for some special cases. Please click here to check the list.