Hitotsubashi-Osaka Workshop on Market Design


Date :
Thursday 19 Jan 2017, 13:00 → 18:00 Asia/Tokyo

Isono Building, 3F-R317 – Isono Bld. Seminar Room (Hitotsubashi University)

Economic Theory Workshop at Hitotsubashi University
Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study
Institute of Economic Research at Hitotsubashi University
Institute of Social and Economic Research at Osaka University
International Workshop at Hitotsubashi University

Daisuke Hirata (Hitotsubashi University)


  • 13:00 → 14:30(1h 30m)
    Multi-object auction design: revenue maximization with equal treatment of equals and no wastage
    Speaker: Shigehiro Serizawa (Osaka University)
  • 14:30 → 14:45(15m)
    coffee break
  • 14:45 → 16:15(1h 30m)
    Efficient multi-unit auctions for normal goods
    Speaker: Brian Baisa (Amherst College)
  • 16:15 → 16:30(15m)
    coffee break
  • 16:30 → 16:50(20m)
    Assignment mechanisms: common preferences and information acquisition
    Speaker: Georgy Artemov (University of Melbourne)