Professor Takashi Oshio

Greetings from the Director

Project Leaders

Professor Etsuro Shioji

Development of Macroeconometric Models with Applications to Macroeconomic Problems

Professor Takashi Kurosaki

Institutions and Policies for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries

Professor Norio Takeoka

Norms, Institutions, and Mechanism Design: Theoretical and Empirical Studies for Comprehensive Social Sciences

HIAS Fellows


Name Affliction Period of Stay
Rene Belderbos KU Leuven From 01 Aug. 2021 to 31 Mar. 2021
Youngsub Chun Seoul National University From 20 Dec. 2021 to 19 Feb. 2022
Ngo Van Long McGill University From 25 Nov. 2021 to 07 Jan. 2022
Jay Pil Choi Michigan State University From 04 Jan. 2022 to 31 Mar. 2022

HIAS Postdoctoral Fellows

Haitao Cheng

Zheng Han