HSI2018—4th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute – Directions



  1. Airport Limousine (Bus)
    Bus is not running so frequently and takes longer compared with trains, but it takes you to Palace Hotel Tachikawa via Tachikawa st. without any change from airports.
    From Narita Int. Airport: ~ 3 hours, 3,600 JPY, click here for further info.
    From Haneda Int. Airport: ~ 2 hours, 1,550 JPY, click here for further info.
  2. Trains
    From Narita Int. Airport: N’EX (to Tokyo st. or to Shinjyuku st. ) + JR Chuo Line, ~ 2 hours, 3,640 JPY
    From Haneda Int. Airport: Tokyo Monorail + JR Yamanote Line + JR Chuo Line, ~ 1.2 hours., 1,210 JPY (to Tachikawa st.) or 1,130 JPY (to Kunitachi st.)
    Between Kunitachi st. (venue) and Tachikawa st. (accommodation): one stop 3 min, 140 JPY, JR Chuo Line
    From.Tokyo st.: ~ 50 min., 550 JPY (to Kunitachi st.) or 640 JPY (to Tachikawa st.), JR Chuo Line
  3. Campus map of Hitotsubashi University
  4. Palace Hotel Tachikawa

All seats are reserved. Please purchase reserved seat limited express ticket to Tokyo st. or to Shinjyuku st. in addition to basic fare ticket to your final destination, Kunitachi st. (venue) or Tachikawa st. (accommodation). For further detail, please check this page.

Tokyo Monorail
It’s running almost every 4 min. in average. You can purchase a ticket to final destination, Kunitachi st. (venue) or Tachikawa st. (accommodation) at the airport by touching “Transfer Ticket” on the initial screen of the ticket machine and then “JR LINE”. For further information, please check here.

JR Yamanote Line
It’s a circular railway.

JR Chuo LIne
You should take rapid train from Tokyo st. or from Shinjyuku sto. to arrive at Kunitachi st. (venue) or Tachikawa st. (accommodation) faster, but be careful that Chuo Special Rapid does not stop at Kunitachi st. If you take Chuo Special Rapid from Tokyo st. or from Shinjyuku st., please transfer at Kokubunji st. following English announcement in the train.

Campus Map of Hitotsubashi University


Palace Hotel Tachikawa
Tachikawa st. and the hotel is connected with Pedestrian deck. It’s about 3 min. walk.
In front of the hotel, there is a bus stop of Airport Limousine from Narita and Haneda Int. airport.
Address: 2-40-15, Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0012 Japan
Phone: +81 (0)42 527 1111
Access map is here.